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This tech start-up takes the hassle and cost out of taking your F&B business online

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Every business is going online these days and the F&B industry is no exception. Food delivery services are the norm now and F&B outlets don't want to get left behind by missing out on this extra source of revenue.  However, partnering with online food delivery services means that you have to fork over a fair amount of your revenue too. Plus, there's also the chance that your business' name could get lost amongst the list of many others.

This is where Oddle steps in to help, by creating a sustainable offline to online ecosystem for F&B businesses to grow their takeaway and delivery business. Founded in 2014, the company offers a comprehensive order management system that lets restaurants control the look of their ordering page, as well as funnel all online and offline orders into a single, automated platform. Businesses can consolidate phone, email and e-commerce orders in one place, as well as access sales and customer data.

It's also easy to seamlessly connect to third-party logistics vendors, in order to implement food deliveries in any or every part of the island. You'll also accumulate data on how your business is doing, from best sellers to the most popular promotions, as well as getting a customer database too. All this transaction information can then be used to build your brand and grow your online ordering business.

F&B operators have already benefited from this service – the top 10% brands enjoy five-digit to six-digit monthly sales, while mid-tier brands enjoy healthy four-digit monthly sales after implementing their organic online channel empowered by Oddle's solution. Also, F&B businesses can increase kitchen utilisation by 50% through extending peak-hour sales with advanced online orders. 

Business expenditure is minimised too, as the development cost of similar solutions can vary from 20 times to as high as 150 times Oddle's annual subscription fee. This amount doesn't take into account additional recurring maintenance cost if F&B businesses decide to build their own system. 

JINJJA Chicken is one of several businesses that has benefitted from Oddle. The Korean fast food outlet launched in November 2015 and soon expanded its business online, with a little help from Oddle. As a result, it was able to kickstart its delivery service with minimal investment and effort, thanks to Oddle's third-party logistics support. And it was able to launch this service islandwide, right from the beginning, which it estimates would have taken at least six months if it had to build the logistical support on its own.

Oddle has increased JINJJA Chicken's sales by 20%, mainly due to the fact that it frequently receives large orders for parties and corporate events. Not only do profits go up, its brand exposure increases as a result too. And, the flow-on effect of these substantial orders is that it has been able to provide fresher ingredients to customers as well as reduce food wastage, which lowers overall cost too.

The advanced ordering feature also means that there is time to procure sufficient ingredients and manpower. It's also a foolproof system for the operations team as the orders for each day are systematically summarised and all information can be retrieved with just a few clicks. Oddle's annual subscription plan in Singapore starts at $2,000, for one menu concept and one outlet.

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