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Innovation & Technology

Innovative ideas transform the way the current industry works in a swift manner. Learn how this works hand in hand with technology.

Blurring Boundaries Between Profit & Doing Good

Blurring Boundaries Between Profit & Doing GoodDBS BusinessClass Social Impact Disrupt event explored the growing fusion of business and social responsibility worldwide.

Committed to Drive Innovation for SMEs

Committed to Drive Innovation for SMEsDBS and Tally collaborated and launched a first-of-its kind banking platform that simplifies payment and accounting processes for SMEs.

A Close Bond Built From an Insatiable Appetite

A Close Bond Built From an Insatiable Appetite"DBS understands that our Singapore business expansion isn't just about our food; it's about financing our appetite for overseas expansion." - Mr Ang

Exploring The Buzz In The Electronics Sector

Exploring The Buzz In The Electronics SectorDBS BusinessClass Electronics Disrupt 2018 gave SMEs an inside look at the key trends impacting their businesses.

5 Ways Data Analytics Can Help SME

5 Ways Data Analytics Can Help SMEAs social, mobile and cloud technologies become more prevalent, these words are thrown around a lot, but are these processes valuable only for big businesses or can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit as well?

From Smart Jackets To Anti-Paparazzi Scarves, We Caught A Glimpse Of The Future Of Fashion

Smart JacketsTechnology has pretty much become an essential that we cannot live without – and it’s becoming so pervasive that it’s even breaking into the fashion industry.

Logistics as Retail Solutions

Logistics as Retail SolutionsCreating a seamless shopping experience for today’s consumers.

Stitching It Right

Weaving A New PerspectiveThe DBS BusinessClass ‘Apparel Disrupt’ event brought a new perspective to the textile and garments industry.

A Regional Platform For Learning

A Regional Platform For LearningSocial enterprises from the region attended a master class organised by the SME Academy to learn the finer points of running a business.

Your Sewing Machine Just Got Smarter

Kauffman Fellows Venture Capital SummitAdvanced robotics will transform the way clothes are made, making the process cheaper and faster.

Made To Order For One

Made To Order For OneConsumers are looking for more ways to express their individuality. Enter customised fashion.

Getting The Whole Picture

Kauffman Fellows Venture Capital SummitMore textiles and apparels businesses are using technology to connect all parts of their supply chains for better decision-making.

Where Fashion And Tech Intersect

Where Fashion And Tech IntersectThe smart clothing market is set to grow as consumers look forward to revolutionary products.

Fashion’s Third Dimension

Fashion’s Third Dimension3D printing technology is slowly by surely entering the apparels sector.

SMEs can now link DBS bank accounts with Xero's cloud accounting platform

SMEs can now link DBS bank accounts with Xero's cloud accounting platform | DBS BusinessClass ArticlesAPI-driven integration enables SMEs to get up-to-date view of their financial data, without manual reconciliation of banking transactions

Traditional F&B businesses, disruptive startups get together

Traditional F&B businesses, disruptive startups get togetherDBS event addresses key trends in food and beverage sector

Getting The Basics Right

Getting The Basics RightBusiness owners looking to get schooled in the ways of entrepreneurship can start off with SME Academy's classes.

Spreading Their Love of Coffee to the World

Spreading Their Love of Coffee to the WorldThe founders of specialty coffee beans e-tailer implemented a digital solution to help manage their finances better.

Breakfast is Served… by a Robot

Breakfast is Served… by a RobotFancy eating food prepared by a robot? That future is right around the corner.

13 Firms Gain Tech Solutions in DBS TechMatch

13 Firms Gain Tech Solutions in DBS TechMatchThe scheme has connected SMEs with start-ups that are designing solutions ranging from low-cost enterprise resource planning systems to customised online sales platforms.

Removing An Obstacle To Growth

Removing An Obstacle To GrowthAfter two years of searching, clothing brand Chateau de Sable found a solution to their inventory woes through DBS Techmatch.

Managing Inventory In Realtime

Managing Inventory In RealtimeBeing able to track inventory in a more efficient manner leads to better company performance and more satisfied customers.

Getting The Whole Picture

Rachel Lin, Founder of Matcha5Social Enterprise Matcha5 is looking to implement a low-cost ERP system from start-up BiTS to consolidate their fragmented systems on one common platform.

Overcoming Manpower Woes

Enoch Teo, Co-Founder at E&I Food ConceptsE&I Food Concepts needed a fuss-free HR system that could accommodate their rapid expansion and found it in start-up Talenox's cloud-based solution.

Grow Online With Oddle

OddleThis tech start-up takes the hassle and cost out of taking your F&B business online

Razor-sharp Efficiency

FoodRazorFoodRazor is a platform that helps you manage your purchase orders and invoices efficiently, providing real-time data to help your business grow.

The Automatic Manager

StacckStacck is a productivity tool for F&B operators that leads to increased efficiency

Your Business At Your Fingertips

iCHEFiCHEF allows your business to run easily and smoothly, with an all-encompassing operating system

Technology Skills Beyond 2016

GpayrollGiven the rate at which technology is accelerating in today's world, it is not surprising for IT professionals to constantly cultivate their skills.

Green Movement

Sustainable LogisticsSustainable logistics is being adopted at companies across all sectors, from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage.

A Leg Up For Small Shippers

Transport Management SystemsCloud-based transportation management systems are leveling the playing field between large and small shipping companies.

Trucking Along The Innovation Highway

Trucking Along The Innovation HighwayIn a few years, driverless trucks could make roads safer, the air cleaner and deliveries cheaper.

The Warehouse Of The Future: No Humans Allowed

The Warehouse Of The Future: No Humans AllowedThe explosive growth of ecommerce is pushing logistics players to invest in highly automated warehousing solutions.

Omnichannel logistics

Omnichannel LogisticsFrom smart lockers to deliveries to your cars, logistics players are coming up with innovative solutions to challenge of "last-mile" delivery.

Here Come The Drones

Here Come The DronesThey have been popping up across a variety of sectors and it is only a matter of time before drones become a reality for retail deliveries

DBS BusinessClass launches in Hong Kong

DBS BusinessClass launches in Hong KongEntrepreneurship has become a global trend and is frequently seen as the solution to drive and transform economies, and create new technologies and job opportunities around the world.

Smart Shopping

Smart ShoppingFrom facial recognition mirrors to real-time business intelligence reports, the future of the physical retail outlet is here.

Making A Visual Impact With Technology

Visual Impact With TechnologyAugmented reality technology is poised to transform the way people shop.

A Logistical Blessing For Retailers

Logistical Blessing For RetailersA slew of new players in the logistics space are changing the game for e-commerce retailers.

Entrepreneurship In Singapore

Entrepreneurship In SingaporeHow DBS Is Fronting And Doubling Down On The Push For Entrepreneurship In Singapore

Asia's Tech Renaissance

Kauffman Fellows Venture Capital SummitWhile the Asian tech start-up scene has grown quickly in recent years, it still trails Silicon Valley by some way, says global industry players.

Commercial Banking

Commercial BankingTechnology in recent years has radically changed the way commercial banking is conducted.

The Best Of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both WorldsDespite the rapid growth of ecommerce, the physical shopping experience is still key for consumers.

Putting the X-factor in experience

Putting the X-factor in experienceShoppers are getting more discerning – and fickle. The challenge for retailers is to offer an unforgettable customer experience, online and in real life.

Get Creative With The Manpower Challenge

Get Creative With The Manpower ChallengeFaced with the triple whammy of labour shortages, rising manpower costs and restrictions on hiring additional foreign labour, the retail industry is fighting back.

It's All About Conversion

It's All About ConversionYour online sales conversion rate could be what’s stopping you from becoming the next big thing in retail.

Getting More Out Of A Store

Getting More Out Of A StoreBeleaguered retailers are looking to grow their online presence even as they squeeze more from their physical stores to counter unforgiving rental rates.

Keeping Your Stock In Check

Keeping Your Stock In CheckMore advanced tools are emerging to help smaller retailers better manage their inventory and optimise supply chains.

A Launchpad for Dreams

A Launchpad for DreamsBright ideas and bold visions filled the air at the first-ever LaunchPad Unveiled at JTC LaunchPad @One North.

Banking On the Next Big Thing

Banking On the Next Big ThingDBS launches service amidst start-up co-working space to provide them with instant connectivity to a Relationship Manager.

Working Up an App-etite

Working Up an App-etiteConsumer? F&B business owner? With the advent of mobile apps, you will be able to sate your appetite with a few taps and swipes.

A high-tech culinary revolution

A high-tech culinary revolutionRobotic servers, drone waiters, smart cookers and food scanners? The future of food is tech, and it could well be already here.

The $300,000 Burger

The $300,000 BurgerAs lab grown meat inches closer to commercial viability, F&B players will soon have to ponder the implications.

M&A Trends in F&B - Interview with F&B Specialist

M&A Trends in F&B - Interview with F&B SpecialistPeople often think of selling their businesses when they hit the rocks, but is that really a wise move? We talk F&B buy and sell.

Future (Un)Bound

Future (Un)BoundBold visions, big ideas and brilliant lessons from an extraordinary two days at InnovFest unBound.

Premium Food On The Go

Premium Food On The GoFood trucks and wine subscriptions are some of the new entrants that are revolutionizing F&B in Singapore.

Keeping It Simple

Keeping It SimpleFind out how entrepreneur Fong Chee Chong, owner of Char-Grill Bar, took his chain to the next level through a radical solution.

Old vs New: Home Rental Services

Old vs New: Home Rental ServicesShort-term home rental services like Airbnb, Roomorama and TravelMob are bringing the sharing economy model to Singapore.

Old vs New: The Great Taxi Debate

Old vs New: The Great Taxi DebateHow do established taxi companies like Comfort Delgro fare against a deluge of new taxi-booking startups like GrabTaxi?

5 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding CampaignPlanning and executing a crowdfunding campaign? Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind for a successful crowdfunding run.

Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding 101Crowdfunding is a platform that gives individuals the chance to raise funds for their projects or new business ventures from the general public. Learn the basics here.

The Impending Wave: Crowdfunding Asia's Revolution

The Impending Wave: Crowdfunding Asia's RevolutionWhat're the three key consensus among everyone when it comes to crowdfunding? Hint: All three have something to do with Asia.

The future: Now funded by you

The future: Now funded by youWhat went down during the "Asia: The Next Crowdfunding Epicentre" conference organised by FundedByMe?

5 Steps to Launch That Disruptive Idea

5 Steps to Launch That Disruptive IdeaThat disruptive idea needs to go to market! But where can you start? Here's where.