Razor-sharp Efficiency

FoodRazor is a platform that helps you manage your purchase orders and invoices efficiently, providing real-time data to help your business grow.


When you have to deal with a number of suppliers, it can sometimes get confusing when it comes to managing orders and invoices. It can also seem like a mountain of work in front of you when you have to sort out delivery schedules and reports.

You can now do all this – and more – by using FoodRazor. It's a simple platform to manage purchase orders and invoices and it helps F&B outlets streamline the procurement process from their suppliers. The existing processes are easily integrated into a ready-made software that can be adapted to establishments of various sizes, whether your operation has just one outlet or a chain/group of restaurants. FoodRazor gives procurement managers the ability to make orders from suppliers, as well as discover new ingredients, with just a few simple clicks, saving them hours of work each week.

FoodRazor does more than just simplify the order process; it also gives you the insights you need to succeed in the F&B industry. By snapping a photo, FoodRazor digitizes the invoice into searchable information, down to line-item-detail. The information is then translated into real-time spending insights, allowing business owners to make better informed decisions.

Your main benefits are in terms of efficiency and manpower costs – you'll save time ordering from suppliers the traditional way, have better control of your food costs, and also save money on hiring data entry personnel. Best of all, setting up your FoodRazor account and training can be done within a day.

Another key feature of FoodRazor is the detailed reports (individual outlet and/or group) that you get. These include current month spending, percentage compared to previous month's spending, top ingredient spending, ingredient price changes and spending breakdown by supplier and outlets. Plus, a real-time dashboard gives detailed insights into spending patterns across all/individual outlets. All these give you a powerful visualisation to analyse and make better sense of your purchasing data. Keeping track of food costs has never been easier!

Steve Talavera, Corporate Chef at Marco Marco, gives his testimonial on FoodRazor: “Our staff across all outlets has saved so much time using FoodRazor. I'm excited that FoodRazor organises my ordering and invoices in one place. FoodRazor definitely lived up to its promises.

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