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Sustainable Business

As a purpose-driven bank, we believe businesses can make a difference. By offering sustainable financing solutions and dedicated resources for social enterprises, we help all businesses make a bigger impact beyond profit.

Sustainable Financing

Take up either a Sustainability-Linked loan with interest rates pegged to the sustainability performance of your business, or a Green Loan that supports projects aimed at advancing environmental sustainability.


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Social Enterprise Package

Specifically designed to address the needs of social enterprises, allowing you to focus on your cause, not cost. Open an account or take up a loan with us at preferential rates.

DBS Foundation

In addition to tapping on our social enterprise packages, explore partnership opportunities with DBS Foundation. Dedicated to championing social entrepreneurship in Asia, the foundation advocates, nurtures and supports businesses for good.

SME Grant Programme

Empower SMEs to create a positive social and environmental impact by adopting sustainable and inclusive models with DBS Foundation's grant programme.

SME Grant Programme

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