PayNow is on SGQR

Now, you can collect via PayNow on SGQR

PayNow is on SGQR

Now, you can collect via PayNow on SGQR

At a Glance

SGQR, Singapore’s unified QR code now supports PayNow. Register your DBS PayNow proxy on SGQR and enjoy the convenience of electronic collections through a single QR code.


A Single QR solution

SGQR combines PayNow QR and other e-payment QR codes into a single QR label


Instant Collection

Add your DBS PayNow QR to your SGQR to receive funds directly into your account

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Wide Consumer Reach

With PayNow on SGQR, you can access a large base of customers and collect from any of the PayNow participating banks and non-bank financial institutions

Features & Benefits
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One QR Code Display

You no longer need  multiple QR code labels at your counter

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Digital Collection

Funds are instantly credited to your PayNow linked account

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Complimentary SGQR label

Register your PayNow proxy for SGQR with DBS and receive your complimentary printed SGQR label, ready to use!

How it Works

Step 1: Register your PayNow proxy for SGQR with DBS.

Step 2: You will receive your complimentary printed SGQR labels from DBS, ready to use^!

Step 3: Display it on your counter and start collecting via PayNow or any of the supported e-payment modes.

Step 4: Check for payment confirmation before releasing goods to customers.

How to Apply

For PayNow customers:

If you are existing DBS IDEAL user, log into DBS IDEAL and register your PayNow Proxy for SGQR

If you are not an existing DBS IDEAL user, simply apply by filling up this form [Download Form].

Not registered for PayNow?

If you are not yet on PayNow, sign up for PayNow here.

View DBS SGQR Terms and Conditions

View this guide to find out how to Register and Manage your SGQR on DBS IDEAL.

Important Guidance on Use of SGQR Labels 

  1. You only need to display one SGQR label at each of your physical storefronts or point-of-sale locations. 
  2. Only plain frames are allowed for display of SGQR labels. 
  3. Use your single SGQR label instead of multiple non-SGQR payment rail specific QRs at your physical storefront or point-of-sale.

For more guidance on the use of SGQR, click here.

What is SGQR?

Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) is a single QR code that combines multiple e-payment QR codes into one. It is intended to simplify QR e-payments in Singapore for both consumers and merchants.

What does “PayNow is on SGQR” mean?

With PayNow joining SGQR, you can register your PayNow Proxy on SGQR and receive a SGQR with PayNow (and other e-payment schemes if applicable) and start collecting via PayNow!

What is the criteria to sign up for PayNow on SGQR?

Customer must have PayNow registered with DBS.

Is there a SGQR App for consumers to use? What are the apps available for my customers to scan a SGQR with PayNow?

There is no SGQR mobile app. Customers of PayNow participating banks ( can scan a PayNow-SGQR Code to make PayNow payments using the existing mobile banking applications.

What are the different logos under the SGQR?

These logos represent the payment schemes that are registered on the SGQR.

I am displaying a static PayNow QR in my shop for PayNow collections and I am not using any other payment schemes or e-wallets for collection. Do I need to move to SGQR even though I am on a single payment scheme?

Yes, you should only use a single SGQR label for display at your physical storefront or point-of-sale location. For additional details on the proper use of SGQR labels, click here.

What is “Payment Reference” and how is this field used?

“Payment Reference” is an optional field (up to 25 characters) that can be included in your SGQR label for the PayNow scheme. If “Payment Reference” is included in the SGQR PayNow registration, the SGQR generated will include this payment reference and your customers will not be able to amend the payment reference during payment. The “Payment Reference” will be included in all Inward PayNow transactions received via this SGQR and will be reflected in your IDEAL statement.

What is “Terminal ID” and how is this field used?

“Terminal ID” is an optional field. This field is used when there is a need to generate multiple SGQR IDs for the same outlet address. For example, you have PayNow Proxy 1 and PayNow proxy 2 for outlet address postal code 123456, you can register for SGQR using the following setup:

  • PayNow Proxy 1
    • Name on Label: ABC Pte Ltd
    • Postal Code: 123456
    • Terminal ID: 001
  • PayNow Proxy 2
    • Name on Label: ABC Pte Ltd
    • Postal Code: 123456
    • Terminal ID: 002