Cash and Cheque

Deposit Bag

Save time by depositing cash or cheques using our tamper-proof Deposit Bags

Save time and avoid branch queues by using DBS’s tamper-proof Deposit Bags to deposit cash or cheques. Each bag comes with a unique serial number for identification and tracking, and has a tamper-evident seal to prevent the unauthorised removal of its contents once sealed.


Why choose a DBS Deposit Bag?

  • Pack and seal each bag at your offices for added security. Each bag carries a unique serial number for easy tracking and we’ll provide you with a deposit slips
  • Enjoy greater convenience through our wide banking network. You can deposit your cash and cheques at DBS branches all over Singapore
  • Save time and avoid the queues when you deposit your cash and cheques


When will I receive my funds?

If you drop off your cash deposit bags before 4.30pm on weekdays or 1pm on Saturdays, you will receive the funds on the same day, or at the latest by the next working day.

If you drop off your cheque deposit bags before 3.30pm on weekdays, you will receive the funds after 2pm the next clearing day.

Will I receive an acknowledgement slip after I drop off the bags?

Receipts will be issued for Cash Deposit Bags deposited into the Cash Deposit Bag Machines. The receipt will contain the unique serial number of the Cash Deposit Bag together with the date and time of deposit. All deposits are subject to the bank count before cash will be credited to your account.

Our staff will stamp and sign a detachable flap on the Cheque Deposit Bags, which serves as an acknowledgement of receipt. This flap also bears the bag’s unique serial number for tracking.

How do I know my funds are safe?

The Deposit Bags are tamper-proof and kept under lock and key at the bank’s premises before they are opened for verification. Bags are opened either under supervision or a CCTV camera.


How do I apply?

Simply approach any DBS branch to sign up for our Deposit Bag service and we’ll give you bags to take away to your premises. Alternatively, speak with your relationship manager.

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Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare 1800 222 2200