Electronic Collections and Bill Payments

Bill Payment

Receive and reconcile payments easily while ensuring convenience for your clients

Collect payments quickly and easily from customers who maintain a DBS or POSB account with our Bill Payment services. You can also automate your reconciliation process and reduce time spent on manual processing, freeing up time to focus on building the business. And with more than four million accounts in Singapore, you can leverage our extensive consumer base to ensure collections from your customers are completed quickly and efficiently.

Why choose DBS Bill Payment?

  • Leverage the largest consumer base in Singapore. We have over four million accounts
  • Reduce the need for manual payment processing and enjoy greater convenience
  • Automate the reconciliation process
  • Minimise input errors by your customers with our built-in validation
  • Increase accessibility to your customers, who can transfer payments 24/7 via iBanking and mBanking, our personal banking online platforms, and a wide network of ATMs


What sort of validation can DBS perform on my customer reference numbers?

We can perform a simple format check or a more sophisticated algorithm check if your customer reference numbers have an algorithm format. An example of a simple format check involves validating the number of characters while the algorithm check involves a check digit. This helps detect input errors by your customers.

Can I set a minimum and/or maximum payment amount for my customers?

Yes, you can decide on your preferred minimum and/or maximum limit.

When will I receive my funds?

You will receive your funds the next working day if your customers make payment by 11.30pm daily, and by 8.30pm on the last working day of the month.


How do I apply?

Simply call us at 1800 222 2200, or +65 6222 2200 if you are calling from overseas to apply. Alternatively, please speak with your relationship manager.

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare 1800 222 2200

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare 1800 222 2200

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