Frequently Asked Questions

What is DBS IDEAL Loan Services?

DBS IDEAL Loan Services is a one-stop solution for DBS Corporate customers to fulfill their major loan-related transaction requests without the need to send any physical instruction or visit the branch.

On DBS IDEAL Loan Services, you can
  • Access comprehensive range of loan services including inquiry of outstanding loan facilities
  • Submit loan transaction requests such as new loan drawdown*, loan rollover, interest rate fixing, scheduled payment, and early loan settlement (partial/full)
  • Obtain instant notification of transaction status via email and SMS upon completion of processing
  • Retrieve historical transactions made on your loan accounts
*Syndicated Loans, Property loans and Equipment Financing are excluded

Who can apply?

All DBS Corporate customers having outstanding loan facilities with the Bank can apply for DBS IDEAL Loan Enquiry & Transaction Services to access the full suite of transaction services available on DBS IDEAL platform.

What are the transaction capabilities available on DBS IDEAL Loan Services?

DBS IDEAL Loan Services supports the following requests:
  • Enquiry of loan amount outstanding, interest rate, next payment due date & amount, past transaction and repayment history of principal and interest amount paid etc
  • New loan booking and drawdown* (within the pre-approved limit)
  • Loan rollovers and interest rate fixing
  • Scheduled payments
  • Partial or full loan settlements
  • Manage and control DBS IDEAL user accesses to company’s loan accounts and online banking functions through the Customer Self Administration module
*Syndicated Loans, Property loans and Equipment Financing are excluded

How to apply for this Loan Services?

All you need is a DBS IDEAL account to apply for Loan Enquiry & Transaction Services through IDEAL Application Pack or IDEAL Maintenance form. If you need any clarification, please contact your Relationship Manager or call DBS BusinessCare at 1800 222 2200.

I am an existing IDEAL user, how do I apply for Loan Enquiry & Transaction accesses

You may download IDEAL Maintenance Form and fill up the relevant sections. In addition, in page 2 of 7 please tick Loan Transaction Maker and/or Loan Transaction Authoriser and Loan Enquiry.

In page 5 of 7 under Loan Authorisation Policy, please select number of Authoriser(s).