Closure of ANZ Cashline Service Accounts

In August 2017, ANZ Moneyline accounts were successfully transferred to DBS.

As you hold an existing DBS Cashline account prior to the transfer, your ANZ Moneyline was transferred and a separate Cashline Paydown account was created solely for paying off the outstanding balances.

Our record shows that your Paydown account has been fully settled and will be closed within 30 days from the day of this notice.

Any credit balance equal or exceeding S$5.00 at the time of the closure of the Paydown account will be refunded via direct crediting to any of your DBS/POSB deposit account or issuance of cashier’s order payable to your name and mailed to your address in our records. The return of the credit balance by us shall constitute a full and final discharge of our liabilities to you (if any) with respect to the Paydown account, whether or not such amount is received by you.

For more information, please refer to the Cashline Terms & Conditions here.