At a Glance

Up to 1 year of storage^

Look up past advices without rummaging through physical files.

Timely notifications

Receive email alerts when your eAdvices are ready for viewing.

Securely stored in digibank

It's always kept safe, while still being easily accessible by only you.


Switching to eAdvice helps reduce paper usage, supporting the need to conserve our natural resources

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^ From 6 May 2019 or date of enrolment onwards, eAdvices generated will be stored for 12 months from date of transaction.


Features of eAdvices

Be free of paper whenever you receive your Unit Trust advices. You will receive paper UT advice(s) until after your 1st UT purchase.

Opt in via digibank online, and simply log in to view your new transaction activities or dividend pay-outs instantly.

Update your email address with us so that you can receive eAdvice notifications for:

  • Unit Trusts
  • POSB InvestSaver ETFs

Valid transactions are:

  • Dividends Payment
  • Subscribe/Redemption/Switch/Cancellation of Funds
  • Fund maturity
  • Fund split
  • Regular Savings Plan (RSP) – Set up, Terminate, Editing of RSP details or RSP deduction failure
  • Transfer of fund holdings
  • Fund merge

Manage eAdvices

You can now manage your eAdvice preferences via digibank.

Upon opt-in, you will receive your eAdvice from the next valid cash transaction onwards.

However, if you decide to opt-out from eAdvice, you will receive paper-based advices* via mail from the next valid transaction onwards.

Note: You will still receive paper-based advices for CPF/SRS transactions, EGM/AGM/Corporate Actions Cover Letter and Change in Risk Rating letters.

Terms and Conditions Governing Electronics Statements

* Only Individual and Joint Alternate accounts are eligible for eAdvices. Joint All accounts are not eligible for eAdvice.

Manage your eAdvices via digibank online

Manage your eAdvice(s) quickly and easily with digibank online. Simply click here or follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to digibank online​

Step 2: Click on “Request” on the menu and select “Manage eStatement and eAdvice”​

Step 3: Change the eAdvice status for the investment account you wish to receive

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