At a Glance​

Instant access

Keep track of your account activity with ease. Just log in to digibank to view your eStatements.

Up to 7 years of storage*

Look up past statements as far as 7 years back, without rummaging through physical files.​

Timely alerts​

We’ll notify you when your eStatement is ready, so you never miss one. ​

Securely stored in digibank

Your eStatements are always kept safe, while still being easily accessible by you only.

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Features & Benefits of eStatements​

Running out of files for your paper statements? Let us take care of the storage for you.​

With eStatements on digibank, you can now enjoy instant and secure access all in one place. It’s 100% digital and protected by multiple layers of personalised security, so you don’t have to worry about your financial information falling into the wrong hands.

Plus, with up to 7 years of storage*, you can look up past statements when you need them, in just a few taps. And the best part – you’ll be saving a ton of trees by going paperless!

*From date of enrolment onwards

All you need is DBS digibank online/mobile. Update your email address or mobile number with us so that, you can receive eStatements for:

  • DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement
  • Card accounts
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card Account (for Principal Cardholders only)
    • DBS Corporate Card Account (for Individual Cardholders only)
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card Account (for POSB Savings Personal or Joint-alternate Account only)
  • DBS Cashline Account (except Joint-alternate Accounts)
  • Treasures Consolidated Statement
  • Wealth Management Consolidated Statement

Terms and Conditions Governing Electronics Statements


  • For Deposit accounts, eStatements are only available for accounts with monthly and quarterly statements. For accounts with ad-hoc, daily, and weekly statements, only paper-based statements will be sent.
  • No eStatements will be generated in these circumstances:
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card and Cashline accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month and no outstanding balances from the previous month
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month
    • POSB Savings Accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month, with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement
    • POSB MySavings accounts – if there are no transactions for the current quarter with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement
  • For closed accounts, eStatements prior to account closure will still be available for viewing.
  • For Debit Card eStatements, only customers with Debit Card(s) linked to a POSB Passbook Savings Account (as the primary account) are eligible to enrol.
    • Customers with Debit Card(s) linked to any other DBS/POSB account are not eligible to enrol.

Manage eStatements

You can now manage your eStatement preferences via digibank online/mobile.​

You will receive your eStatement from the next statement cycle onwards upon opt-in. No more paper-based statements will be sent and you can view, download, or print your eStatement at any time.

However, if you decided to opt-out from eStatements, you will again receive paper-based statements via mail from the next statement cycle onwards.

Manage via digibank online/mobile​

You can manage and view your eStatements quickly and easily with digibank. Simply click here or follow the steps below.

digibank online​

  • Log in to digibank online​
  • Click on “Request” on the menu and select “Manage eStatement and eAdvice”​
  • Change the eStatement status for the account you wish to receive eStatement​

digibank mobile​

  • Login to DBS/POSB digibank mobile​
  • Tap on the tab “More” and select "eStatements”​
  • Tap "Manage" at the top right of the screen​
  • Change the eStatement status for the account you wish to receive eStatement

Enrol for eStatements​

digibank User

Not yet a digibank user?

For customers with ATM/Debit/Credit Card​

For customers without card, kindly visit our branches.


Frequently Asked Questions


Email eStatement is a soft copy of your account statement that will be emailed to your registered email address with us.  

This service is only available for non digibank customers.​

This is a free service that is available for all eligible personal accounts with valid email address registered with the bank. 

The attachment is in PDF format which can be viewed using the "Adobe Reader" application. You will need to download or update the relevant software or application to use "Adobe Reader". 

Download and print your eStatement with these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to digibank online or digibank mobile
Step 2: For digibank online users, search for eStatement under My Accounts. For digibank mobile users, search for Quick Access or Other Services
Step 3: Download eStatement
Step 4: Print your eStatement

View the detailed guide to download eStatement here.

You can only opt out by clicking on the “Opt out” link in the monthly email eStatement sent to your registered email address. 

No, eligible customers will automatically be converted to receiving email eStatements. 

Receiving eStatement

With effect from October 2019, eligible* personal account statement will be converted to email eStatement. With email eStatement, you can conveniently download, store and retrieve your bank’s statements in softcopy so that it is easy to retrieve at any time. This also helps to reduce paper clutter and save time needed to sort through monthly paper statements. 

*Eligible statement(s) refers to the following Personal Account Statement: 

  • DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement
  • Debit Card Statement
  • Treasures Consolidated Statement
  • Deposit Statement

For a start, only the following personal account statement will be eligible: 

  • DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement
  • Debit Card Statement
  • Treasures Consolidated Statement
  • Deposit Statement

No, once you are converted to email eStatement, you will not be able to receive physical copies.  

We would encourage you to try out the convenience of email eStatement first. If you still prefer receiving paper statement, you can click on the opt-out link anytime in the monthly email to opt-out of receiving email eStatement.  

Please ensure that your email address is correct per our records. Thereafter, no other action is required.You will receive your first email eStatement for October 2019 in November.

This service is currently not available for Credit Card Statement & Cashline Statement.   

No. Let’s be sustainable and save the environment. We encourage our customer to reduce the use of paper. 

You may contact our customer service or visit the branch to enrol into email eStatement. 

There are few possible reasons: 

  1. Check that emails from DBS are not marked as junk/spam.
  2. Your mailbox may be full
  3. Please call our contact centre on 1800 111 1111 for assistance.

Yes, there will be charges applicable for retrieval of printed past documents/statements: 

  • Within 1 year from today - S$20 per copy/month.
  • Between 1 to 3 years from today - S$30 per copy/month.
  • More than 3 years from today - S$50 per copy/month.


Your statement attached in the email is password protected and only the authorised customer will be able to open and view the statement. If you receive an email eStatement by mistake, please call our contact centre on 1800 111 1111 immediately. 

You can visit and update your email address with your Card & PIN.  

eStatement History

No, there is no limit as long as you still have the eStatement emails intact.  

No. We are unable to resend past email eStatement. If you would like to view your past statement, you will need to sign up for digibank to view and download your eStatement online. Please note that upon signing up for digibank, you will no longer receive email eStatement. Instead, you will receive an email notification to inform you that your monthly statement is ready for viewing.  

Yes, you can still view past email eStatement even after account closure. 


Enter your password in the following format: 

No, the password is static and cannot be changed. Remember, never disclose your password to anyone. DBS will never request for it. 

Please ensure that you’ve updated your personal particulars (NRIC/Passport Number/Malaysian IC) with the bank.  

You will need to use your previous credentials (ie. NRIC / Malaysian ID / Passport Number) to open past statements. We strongly encourage you to download and save a copy of your statements on your desktop for easy viewing & retrieval. 

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