Fees and Charges for Overseas Funds Transfer

Understand the fees and charges involved for Overseas Funds Transfer.

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Important information

  • To avoid any bank transfer charges, you need to ensure that following details are selected when you are transferring online via digibank.
    • Select the locations eligible for DBS Remit (e.g. Australia)
    • Select the currency of your transfer destination (e.g. AUD)
  • We have also indicated a DBS Remit DBS Remit Icon or a Zero-Fee Zero Fee Icon icon for clarity that transfer charges will not apply. Kindly re-add your payee if you do not see the icons on your transfer page, for an overseas transfer to our eligible locations in their local currency.

Outgoing Funds Transfer

  • If you wish to find out more about the fees and charges involved for your overseas funds transfer, use the table below.
  • For Regular Overseas Funds Transfer:
    Agent bank fees / charges can be borne by either the sender (applicant), or recipient (beneficiary). The sender (applicant) is required to specify if the sender or recipient will bear these charges, when setting up the overseas transfer.

Incoming Funds Transfer

  • For crediting to a SGD or Foreign Currency Current Account – S$10 Handling Commission Fee (Waived for Treasures Customers)
  • For crediting to a Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Account – Free

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