DBS electronic Deposit Slip (eDS) service

Easy online tracking of your cash deposits

DBS electronic Deposit Slip (eDS) service

Easy online tracking of your cash deposits

At a glance
Track the status of your cash deposits online for quick and easy reconciliation.
online access

Online access

Provide details of your cash deposit digitally 

keep informed

Keep informed

Track the status of your deposits online with ease and be notified of any discrepancies 

easy reconciliation

Easy reconciliation

24/7 access to generate and download reports of your deposits

Features & Benefits
minimise errors

Minimise errors

Avoid missing or incorrect information, or illegible handwriting

instant updates

Instant updates

Get updates on the status of your deposits on DBS electronic Deposit Slip system (eDS)

easy reconciliation

Easy reconciliation

Enjoy improved speed and accuracy when matching deposit slips with bank account statements 

Eligibility & Fees

You need to be an existing DBS business account holder, and have an existing DBS IDEAL Transact User.

How to apply

For existing DBS IDEAL users:

For existing DBS business account holders, without DBS DEAL:

Kindly complete and submit the DBS IDEAL Application form.

Not a DBS SME Banking customer?

Apply online now. Enjoy DBS IDEAL access and fee waivers. T&Cs apply.

How do I register for the DBS electronic Deposit Slip (eDS) service?

You will need to sign up for DBS IDEAL (Transact access) in order to register for the DBS eDS service. Please note that DBS IDEAL access is required for the administrator to access DBS eDS to check the status of the deposit. 

Who in my organisation can sign up for DBS eDS?

All DBS IDEAL authorisers within your organisation can sign up for DBS eDS on your behalf. 

What are the service charges for DBS eDS?

There is no setup charge and no recurring subscription fees for DBS eDS. You can also enjoy an unlimited number of users for DBS eDS.

However, please note that standard pricing will apply for cash bag service and DBS IDEAL set up. 

Can I access DBS eDS at any time?

DBS eDS can be accessed via DBS IDEAL from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a secure Internet connection. 

I have just received all my DBS eDS login credentials. Can I login to DBS eDS immediately?

Yes, you can start using DBS eDS immediately once you have received the login credentials. 

Do I need a digital banking token to access DBS eDS?

As an eDS administrator, you will need to install the DBS IDEAL digital token+ on your mobile to complete 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) to access DBS eDS. 

eDS Deposit Managers and Depositors do not need a digital banking token to register your cash bag details or track the status of your cash deposit bag.