Disrupt @ The Bay – Food and Beverage

A series of sumptuous F&B takeaways from DBS BusinessClass’s first-ever [email protected] Bay event awaits your sampling.





From making meat out of plants to creating chips out of crickets – the future of food might just be closer than we think.

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Serving Up the Future

the future of food and beverage

Private guests savour an exclusive glimpse of the brave new world of food tech at DBS BusinessClass’s inaugural F&B [email protected] Bay.

Second Servings

F&B Disrupt @ The Bay industry tour

A few highlights from the discussion at F&B Disrupt @ The Bay as food tech leaders gather to innovate their way around old obstacles.

Find out how lab-grown meat, centralised kitchens and other innovations are soaring above hurdles faced by traditional F&Bs.

Working Up an App-etite

Consumer? F&B business owner? With the advent of mobile apps, you will be able to sate your appetite with a few taps and swipes.

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A high-tech culinary revolution

   Robotic servers, drone waiters, smart cookers and food scanners? The future of food is tech, and it could well be already here.

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The $300,000 Burger

As lab grown meat inches closer to commercial viability, F&B players will soon have to ponder the implications.

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Premium Food On The Go

Food trucks and wine subscriptions are some of the new entrants that are revolutionizing F&B in Singapore.

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Keeping It Simple

Find out how entrepreneur Fong Chee Chong, owner of Char-Grill Bar, took his chain to the next level through a radical solution.

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DBS’s inaugural BusinessClass’s F&B Disrupt@TheBay

DBS’s inaugural BusinessClass’s F&B [email protected] featured 20 cutting-edge exhibitors from around the world and was attended by over 300 VIPs and SMEs. It also garnered significant press coverage that be easily accessed here for your reference.

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