insights and case studies

Insights and Case Studies

Be inspired by unique insights and best practices to manage your working capital

Insights and Case Studies

Be inspired by unique insights and best practices to manage your working capital

Thought Leadership

Get ready for the next frontier of banking

New thinking in transaction banking

New thinking in transaction banking

Innovation is key to stay ahead of the disruption that is coming to this traditional form of banking.

DBS digital solutions

Digital solutions boost efficiency and security

DBS Bank provides an overview of its initiatives and value propositions in the digital trade space.

Optimising supply chain finance

Optimising supply chain finance in a tough market

Banks are stepping up to provide new supply chain finance solutions that meet the needs of SMEs and corporates in a challenging environment.

Managing diversity in Asia

Managing diversity in Asia
Ee Fong Soh, Managing Director and Head of Securities and Fiduciary Services of DBS Singapore comments about securities services in APAC.

DBS digitising manual process in Asia

DBS sharpens Asia focus
The bank is digitising traditionally manual processes and providing more solutions.

Strategic treasury

Strategic treasury: 3 areas of differentiation
As corporate treasuries play an expanded, strategic role in decision-making, the notion of a "typical" treasury team will be challenged.

Cash management in Asia

Cash management in Asia—a 20/20 vision
Senior bankers share their visions of the future and give guidance to corporates operating in APAC. A must-read for some practical advice.

cost savings of outsourcing

A cost­-savings frontier too far
Stanley Tan, Head of Working Capital Advisory, explains why in-house Financial Planning & Analysis outweighs the cost savings of outsourcing.


Digitisation as the next frontier in banking
The future will be digital, and digitisation will better serve customers, shares John Laurens, Head of Global Transaction Services at DBS.

change in Asian transaction banking

Changing the game in Asian transaction banking
The emergence of Asian countries and rapidly changing financial infrastructures pose complexities for treasurers and finance managers.

liquidity strategy

Building blocks of future-ready liquidity solutions
With rapid changing regulations, treasurers must regularly check and optimise their optimum liquidity strategy.

free up working capital

Looking within to fund working capital 
A study estimates more S$1 trillion in trapped cash within Asia. How can businesses free up this cash in their working capital cycle?

changing dynamics of Asia

Treasury leading the charge to unlock cash
Asia is set for unprecedented growth in the next decade. Part 1 shows the changing dynamics of business and the difference a bank can make.

managing the supply chain

Managing cash by managing the supply chain
Stanley Tan, Head of the Working Capital Advisory Team, DBS Bank Global Transaction Services, shares his view in a 2-part series.

importance of working capital to supply chains

Getting capital to work
Vivek Batra shares on the rise in the importance of working capital to supply chains and what companies can expect from bank partnerships.

Dissecting global supply chains

Dissecting global supply chains

There's more to supply chains than sourcing for low costs.

Case Studies

Learn how our solutions helped to free up cash flow


How Lenovo set up a supplier programme
Lenovo introduced a cross-border supplier finance programme to improve its cash conversion cycle while mitigating drawbacks from suppliers.

FAi tai

How Man Fai Tai released trapped liquidity

“Time is money in our business.” DBS helped Man Fai Tai Group free up trapped cash, improve DSO and fund their expansion.


Best Working Capital Solution—DBS for Huhtamaki

How we boosted efficiency for the Hong Kong arm of Huhtamaki and even freed up cash for their global operations.

account pooling

TCC Group selects DBS’s account pooling structure
TCC Group needed a new solution for efficient cross-border cash management across operations in Asia. DBS stepped in to help.


Get a better picture of trade financing


Digital journey in trade finance

Emerging technologies are disrupting and reinventing the rules of engagement in Trade Finance.


Optimising working capital: Infographic case study

How can you boost efficiency and free up trapped cash for your business in Asia? We lay it out in this infographic.


How can F&B businesses unlock working capital?

Cash flow is an essential ingredient for F&B. We share a recipe for success and insights from DBS BusinessClass & Working Capital Advisory.