universal life insurance

Universal Life

Be assured of business continuity regardless of unexpected events

Universal Life

Be assured of business continuity regardless of unexpected events

At a Glance
Universal Life Insurance is a flexible insurance plan, underwritten by Manulife, that helps protect your company from the unexpected. Your business will have financial assurance and continuity regardless of any unforeseen events. Benefits include:
Key person protection icon

Key person protection

Insure against the loss of key talent in your company with Key Man Insurance

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Talent retention

Promote employee retention with Executive Bonus

Risk management icon

Risk management

Protect your financial assets with Asset Diversification

  • Delivers strong cash value accumulation
  • Transparent insurance charges
  • Offers flexible premium payments1
  • Offers guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate
  • Allows for change of life insured2
  • Offers a quit-smoking incentive

Value Propositions

Key Man Insurance

Credit Protection

Executive Bonus

Estate Equalisation

Asset Diversification

Business Continuity

1The actual amount and frequency of premium payments will affect the policy value and potentially the death benefit, as well as how long the policy is kept in force.

2Policy owner may request to change the life insured after 2 years from the policy issue date. A maximum of 2 changes is allowed per policy. Acceptance of the new life insured is at our and Manulife’s absolute discretion and will depend upon the insurability of this new life insured as well as other terms and conditions as Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. shall determine from time to time. Cost of insurance will be based on the new life insured’s age, sex, country of residence, underwriting class and any additional ratings. For more details, please refer to the product contract.

How it Works


Handy Tools

Do you know how well are you managing your risks?

Take a few minutes to complete our Business Assessment Tool. The customised review will help you better understand how you are faring in terms of risk protection and uncover certain areas of your business that you may have neglected.

How to Apply
Arrange for a Corporate Bancassurance Manager to call you, or contact your Relationship Manager for more details.
Should I buy life insurance? Who does it insure?

Life insurance is a good way to protect your cash flow against the sudden loss of a key person which can alter the future of your business if a robust continuity plan is not in place. We can also use it to fund buy-sell planning, as a form of an executive bonus, and to add an alternative asset class to your company’s portfolio.

How does policy value accumulate?

Policy charges and the interest crediting rate will impact the growth in your policy value. Face Amount Charges and Cost of Insurance are deducted monthly from the policy value with Face Amount Charges payable only in the first 10 policy years. The minimum guaranteed interest crediting rate for the plan is 2% per annum with potential for further upside.

Here’s an illustration:

Policy value accumulation illustration

What is the Quit Smoking Incentive?

Smokers can enjoy standard non-smoker policy charges for the first 3 years. With satisfactory evidence you have quit smoking for at least 12 consecutive months by the end of the third policy year, you will continue to enjoy this privilege until the end of the policy term

Is premium financing available?

Premium financing is available to provide additional liquidity for your company, the amount of the financing is subjected to the asset holding and liabilities of your company.

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