DBS Takashimaya Debit Card

Card transaction limits

Set daily limits for your NETS transactions, ATM withdrawals, and Debit Card transactions. You can do so easily on your digibank mobile app. Follow these steps to set your daily limits.

Default limits
NETS transactionsS$5,000
ATM withdrawalsS$3,000
Debit Card transactionsS$2,000
Contactless transactions

Prefer to use your PIN for your transactions?

Disable Contactless Transaction easily on digibank mobile app. Simply set your Debit Card Limit to S$0. Follow these steps to set your daily limits.

Overseas transactions

Travelling soon? You can change your preference on the use of magnetic stripe for overseas use. Find out how

Payment controls

Protect your Card with Payment Controls on digibank mobile app. Here’s what you can do: