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We have made your day to day banking easy and fast by going digital. We are confident our suite of digital services will cover all your banking needs but if you still have any queries, leave us a message below.

Important Notice: SMS Banking service will be discontinued from 28 July 2024. Continue to bank safely with our digibank mobile app. Please refer to more details below.

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Activate Account (New to Bank Customers)Bank
Activate My AccountBank
Add Bill Payment OrganisationBank
Add Cheque or Demand Draft RecipientBank
Add DBS/POSB Fund Transfer RecipientBank
Add Other Bank's Credit Cards RecipientBank
Add Other Bank's RecipientBank
Add Overseas Funds Transfer Recipient Bank
Add PayNow RecipientBank
Additional security for your Digital TokenBank
Customise Alerts on ATM and Other Banking ServicesBank
Amend eNets (D2Pay) Payment LimitBank
Apply for a Debit CardBank
Apply for digibank onlineBank
Apply for PayNowBank
Authenticate transactions with your Digital TokenBank
Make a Bill PaymentBank
Make a Bill Payment in AdvanceBank
Cancel PayNow ProfileBank
Change ATM Card LimitBank
Change DBS PayLah! Daily Transfer LimitBank
Change DBS PayLah! NicknameBank
Change DBS PayLah! PasswordBank
Change Debit Card Spending LimitBank
Change digibank User IDBank
Change Funds Transfer LimitsBank
Change MySavings/SAYE Account InstructionBank
Change Overseas Funds Transfer LimitsBank
Change POSB Smiley Child Development Account (CDA) TrusteeBank
Cancel CardCards
Check Account TransactionsBank
Check PayNow ProfileBank
Check POSB Smiley Child Development Account (CDA) TransactionBank
Close DBS PayLah! WalletBank
Contribution to Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) AccountBank
Convert POSB Passbook Savings AccountBank
Check DBS & POSB Swift CodeBank
De-enrol for eStatements / eAdvicesBank
Download DBS PayLah!Bank
Eligibility for Baby Bonus SchemeBank
eNets (D2Pay) ApplicationBank
eNets (D2Pay) DeactivationBank
Enrol for eStatements / eAdvicesBank
Exchange Foreign Currencies using DBS AccountBank
Issue an Online ChequeBank
Join the Baby Bonus SchemeBank
Logging in to digibank online for the First TimeBank
Make a Donation using DBS PayLah! (Android App Only)Bank
Manage DBS PayLah! NotificationsBank
Manage eStatements / eAdvices NotificationBank
Open a POSB Smiley Child Development Account (CDA)Bank
Open a Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) AccountBank
Enquire Cheque StatusBank
Pay Bills using DBS PayLah!Bank
Pay Other Bank Credit CardsBank
Purchase a Demand DraftBank
Purchase Cashier's OrderBank
Enable Push notifications for your Digital TokenBank
Recurring Funds Transfer to an Overseas AccountBank
Register for DBS PayLah!Bank
Remove Bill Payment OrganisationBank
Remove Cheque or Demand Draft RecipientBank
Remove DBS/POSB Fund Transfer RecipientBank
Remove Other Bank's Credit Cards RecipientBank
Remove Other Bank's RecipientBank
Remove Overseas Funds Transfer RecipientBank
Replace DBS Physical TokenBank
Request for DBS Account ConversionBank
Request Funds using DBS PayLah!Bank
Reset digibank PINBank
Retrieval of Printed Account StatementsBank
Retrieve a Forgotten digibank User IDBank
Save in POSB Smiley Child Development Account (CDA)Bank
Scan & Pay using DBS PayLah!Bank
Set up a GIRO ArrangementBank
Set up Standing Instruction for Local Funds TransferBank
Set up your Digital TokenBank
Set up your Digital Token on multiple devicesBank
Terminate GIRO ArrangementBank
Terminate Standing Instruction for Local Funds TransferBank
Top Up Mobile Prepaid NumberBank
Transact & Withdraw in Foreign Currency OverseasBank
Transfer Funds to Other Bank's AccountBank
Transfer Funds to Other DBS/POSB AccountBank
Transfer Funds to Overseas AccountBank
Transfer Funds using DBS PayLah!Bank
Transfer Funds using PayNowBank
Transfer to Overseas Visa CardBank
Troubleshooting your Digital TokenBank
Unable to Withdraw and TransactBank
Update GIRO Payment LimitBank
Update PayNow DetailsBank
Using your Digital Token without internetBank
View Active GIRO ArrangementsBank
View Debit Card Transaction DetailsBank
View eStatementsBank
View Standing Instruction for Local Funds TransferBank
Your Guide to Digital TokenBank
Your Guide to PayNowGuides
Activate New CardCards
Apply for a Credit CardCards
Apply for a Recurring Bill Payment ArrangementCards
Apply for DBS Personal LoanCards
Apply for Mobile WalletCards
Apply for My Preferred Payment PlanCards
Apply for Temporary Credit Limit IncreaseCards
Check Account BalanceBank
Cancellation of ANZ Credit Cards and Cashline Service AccountsCards
Check Credit Card Application StatusCards
Check Credit Card Available LimitCards
Check Credit Card Outstanding BalanceCards
Check Credit Card Transaction DetailsCards
Check your DBS PointsCards
Convert DBS Points to MilesCards
Check Credit Card Payment Due DateCards
Credit Card RecommendationCards
Enable/Disable Card For Overseas UseCards
Link Savings/Current account to your CardCards
Report Lost or Stolen CardCards
Non-Receipt of Card StatementsCards
One Time Password (OTP) for Online TransactionsCards
Pay Credit Card BillsCards
Pay with Mobile WalletCards
Redeem DBS PointsCards
Remove Card from Mobile WalletCards
Replace ATM/Debit or Credit CardCards
Reset Card PINCards
Retrieval of Card StatementsCards
Set up GIRO Payment for DBS/POSB Credit Card BillCards
Top up Credit/Debit Cards (with EZ-Link Function)Cards
Update Recurring Bill Payments with Billing OrganisationsCards
Check Bank & Branch CodesBank
Submit Common Reporting Standards (CRS) declarationGeneral Help
Submit Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) onlineGeneral Help
Update AddressGeneral Help
Update Email AddressGeneral Help
Update Mobile NumberGeneral Help
DBS Manage AlertsGeneral Help
Update Personal DetailsGeneral Help
Use SMS "Q"General Help
DBS Security Guide on Scams and Fraud AttemptsGuides
Your Guide to Online ShoppingGuides
Your Guide to TravelGuides
Your Guide to digibankGuides
Request Credit Balance RefundCards
Your Guide to GIRO ArrangementsGuides
Your Guide to Online SecurityGuides
Capping of Credit Card LimitCards
Your Guide to DBS Paylah!Guides
Apply for CancerCareInsure
Apply for CashcareInsure
Apply for a DBS Vickers Online Trading AccountInvest
Apply for IPO using Electronic Securities Application (ESA)Invest
Apply for SavvyEndowmentInvest
Change Credit Card Billing CycleCards
Check Results for Bond ApplicationInvest
Check Results for Electronic Securities Application (ESA)Invest
Redeem Singapore Savings BondsInvest
Transfer from CPFIS Account to CPF Ordinary AccountInvest
Apply for DBS CashlineLoans
Check Home Loan Interest for Tax FilingLoans
Deposit Cash to Share Financing AccountLoans
Pay DBS Cashline BillLoans
Repay Home Loan using CPF FundsLoans
Revise CPF Monthly RepaymentLoans
Understand your Home Loan Transaction HistoryLoans
Change Cashline Billing CycleCards
Cancel CashlineCards
Request for a Fee Waiver ReviewCards
Open an Account with DBS/POSBBank
Your Guide to DBS Vickers Online Trading AccountGuides
Apply for Share FinancingLoans
Check Remittance StatusBank
Apply for Singapore Savings BondsInvest
Place a Fixed Deposit placementBank
Apply for CPF Investment AccountInvest
Block a CardCards
Report Lost CardCards
Stop ChequeBank
Retrieval of Cashline StatementsCards
Check Declined TransactionsCards
Apply for a Balance TransferCards

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